• Document Validity Management

    Manage your own or clients documents validity on single platform, Contracts, Business Licenses, Employee Insurance, Passports, Residence Permits, Assets warranty and more. Create your own document form by using our rich form designer.

  • Reminders & Notifications

    Send reminders to your clients, employees or business associates, all reminders are set in advance at different intervals which are sent upon due date, log of communication is available for reference.

  • Email Template Engine

    Send reminders using your own custom created email template, include your own company information, logo, sender name and email address. Receiver information and data is dynamically added to email.

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What is xpirem.com?

Xpirem.com is a platform that enables user to set reminders of any document expiry well in advance. Alerts are sent out on defined due dates such as 2, 15 or 30 days prior to expiry. Multiple reminders are set at different intervals based on the expiration date. Option to add intervals are based on your own needs and fully customizable, all you need to provide is information of document and expiration date. We do the rest, reminder dates, email templates, and receivers are added to reminder by default. You never need to worry about any document expiration again.

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Remind ME!

Simple interface with advance dashboard.

Get all your insides on single page, dashboard bring you unique exprience with statics, expired, upcoming expirations. Plan well in advance of coming months and know exactly which month has the highest expiration rate compared to others.



Personalized document types.

There may be lot of common documents such as Business License, Insurance Policy, Residence permits, but also there are some that need customized forms, we have custom design form feature that enables you to create any document type of your own with data fiels. simple drag and drop form design.

Reminders, just the way you want them.

Add up to 10 follow up reminders of each document at different intervals and never look at them again. all you need to provide is the expiration date, rest is done for you instantly. Reminders are scheduled in advance along with other perimeters such as email design, attachments and receivers information.


customized email-templates-xpirem

My company, My email

We have just the right solution that meet service providers, xpirem can send reminders on your behalf, have your own email written, designed with your information and same will be sent out to your employees, clients or business associates. Customize emails based on interval, 1st reminder can be different from 2nd, 3rd and so on, each reminder can have different message which are customized by the user.