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Custom Document Labels

You can choose colors that specify the status of each document. For example you can choose red to be displayed for expired documents, green for renewed ones and so on. This helps in easily identifying the status of a document without having to open it. It gives you an idea about the expiry status of all the documents in one glance.

Xpirem document-status
Xpirem document-status

Xpirem document-status

This feature allows to keep specific documents under different status.Create own status and color them to meet your needs. Keep track of all documents on single application, document expiry management has never been easier. Manage unlimited documents of different types such as Passports, Insurance, Residence Visa, Commperical documents, certificates and many more from deafult list. More over user can customize and create own documents types that meets their own needs.

Save time with reports
Generate reports on daily, weekly or montly basis and get complete list of documentst that are due.

Documents Count list
Get amazed by the single list that shows you complete count of each doucment type. This can enable user to focus on important task that need more attention.

Calendar View
One of the best features of xpirem is its ability to keep your calendar reminders and expirations in a single screen to get a full view of upcoming expirations and easily navigate to the next month.

Now that you can specify the status of each document you easily have an idea of which documents require immediate attention for renewal and which of them don’t, also since the color for each status has been chosen by you it will help in avoiding confusion. Document expiry management has never been easier.