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Document Validity Management

Xpirem Keeps track of your documents and makes sure you get notified about their expiry through email and SMS in order to renew them on time. Ensure the validity of important documents such as passports, visas, ID’s and so on. Now that you won’t be missing out on any important expiry dates, you also won’t be paying any fines, extra charges for delay, basically no more consequences that come from missed expiry dates!

Xpirem Document Validity Management

Simple Employee Documents Validity Management
Organize all documents related to your employees such as Residence permit, Passports, ID cards, Insurance and other important documents. This allows you to get detailed reports of upcoming renewals and send notifications to holder as well.

Get Summary by Emails
HR or Manager can get a summary list of all documents that are approaching expiration based on reminder.

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Xpirem documents-validity-types