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File Attachments

Once a record has been created, the document copy can also be attached for easy accessibility. It is cloud based, considering this you have access to these document copies anytime from anywhere as and when required. You do not need to log in to any particular PC.

No more searching servers for the latest version or looking through emails to check if you sent something out. xpirem lets you store documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, images or other files related to the document – so you can access them, anytime.

Xpirem file attachments

Save time with easy accessibility
Since the system is cloud based you have access to the documents anytime from anywhere, in case you have an urgent requirement of a particular document you can simply log into your account and retrieve the document copy, you do not need to wait for anyone to email it nor do you have to go back and retrieve it from the system where it is originally stored. This increases efficiency and also saves a great deal of time, as quite often it happens that we require a document on an urgent basis but do not have immediate access to it all the time, but now with Xpirem you do.