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Notifications by Email & SMS

Notifications are sent through Email as well as SMS, making sure you don’t miss out. Even if you are not available online, you are sure to be notified through SMS. You can either choose one of these options or even both, it is completely as per your wish.

Xpirem email and sms alerts

Customized Notification
Wirte your own custom message using our advanced feature.

Multiple Reminders
Add multiple reminders that shall be sent out of different date prior to due date enables user to be notified well in advance. Add unlimited reminders such as 30, 60, 90 days prior or even on due date. We never let you forget any doucment that is due for renewal


Send Attachment's with Notifications
xpirem can send attachments with email notification which enable recipient to easily understand about subjet.

Send Notifications with your own name.
xpirem allows user to define their custom senders email and name..